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7 reasons to buy the Sigma Template

If you've decided to build your very own web site using the Sigma HTML Template, you've made a very good choice. But if you still doubt whether it is worth buying it, then read this article. In this article, we explain in detail seven reasons to buy our template.
1. Files with clean code

The Sigma Template is well coded. ThemeForest's reviewers very carefully check the templates before approving. Therefore you can be sure that the Sigma's code is valid, and you can easily read and customize it.

2. Free PSD Template

Buying one template, you get another one as a gift! A free psd version of the Sigma Template is included with the HTML template.

3. Free PSD Mockups and Icons

The template dedicated to the mobile or desktop application would not be complete without the images of the phone or MacBook. We took care of this, too. Free PSD Mockups are included with the template! Thanks to this you do not need to waste time searching for the suitable mockups, they are already there and ready for use. Just paste the screenshots of your application into mockups and load them into the template!

4. Detailed documentation

Documentation made carefully and really detailed in order to help you understand the theme quicker and customize some difficult elements.

5. Working components

The working components contained in the .json and .php files are included in the final product. We made sure that you had to work as little as possible on the Sigma Template to turn it into a ready-made website. Having bought the Sigma Template you will find in it various components, such as sending a letter to e-mail, html-letter, cost calculator, filtering blog articles, etc.

6. Free custom widgets

Widgets are designed specifically for the Sigma Template and so they are perfect for it and look amazing. And also widgets are easy to customize.

7. Six months support

We are offering the best after sales support you will be able to get. We want to know what your needs are and want to hear feedback to make us even better. Once you purchased the theme you will be able to join our community and create advanced support ticket and receive professional support.


As you can see, there are so many notable advantages of buying a template! Be courageous, trust us and get the best html-template for your application and business!